Your reaction to “almost winning” in Casinos

If you are seriously fond of gambling and like to experience Fortune in gambling establishments jdl, you should clearly understand the rule – “Almost” is not taken into account. “Almost won” – if such thoughts arise in the head, these are the first moves towards joining the ranks of gambling addicts who, in their golden dreams, imagine huge wins, but do not realize how great their losses are.

Yes, every player with experience had situations when it seemed to him that quite a bit, one card or one point would bring him the jackpot. The roulette ball fell into a cell next door, and the reel located on the slot fell short of just one picture. The king in poker of the wrong suit made it difficult to collect the coveted royal flush.

Why is this happening?

This is one of the key features of a casino – these situations arise when you enjoy playing in a casino. All these “almost” keep the player in the game, help to maintain his interest. The main task facing you is to maintain a sobriety of thinking and not give in to illusions.

The bottom line is that the loss that you suffered, being at a very small step from winning, is no different from the loss when you practically had no chances. And now, when the smell of big money is already in the air and the very large payment is already visible, it is a mistake to believe that you have managed to get closer to success, because, as already mentioned before, you don’t give money for “almost”.

According to experts, gamblers tend to have an inadequate perception of reality and the root of the problem lies in the so-called “optimistic bias”. In support of our words, we will cite the results of practical tests, where specially trained people found out how exactly the players reacted to the fact that there was only one “small step” left before winning.

University of Exeter and Swansea University

At one time, psychologists working at the renowned Western universities of the University of Exeter and Swansea University conducted a large-scale study on the specific effect of proximity to victory on a person. The results are quite interesting – the person’s response to the “almost win” activated a sector of the brain that processes rewards.

The train of thought is something like this – now I have fallen short of it, but on the next back or the next hand I will be lucky.

Several male players took part in the experiment. Some had a pronounced gambling addiction, others played for pleasure, and others had never been to the casino at all.

The results are very interesting – as the result shows, the subject reacted to the “almost payment” in the same way as to the real win, continuing to play actively without losing interest. Despite the fact that, de facto, there is a loss, but it encourages players to continue.

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