Why Optimists Don’t Win At Casinos

Indeed, each of us hopes that sooner or later he will be lucky and win good money in the casino. There is a certain percentage of clients for whom the process is more important, but even those who are ready for losses and come purely for pleasure are still happy that they managed to stay in the black. But let’s try to figure out how important optimism is in modern gambling and what to do if the hopes were ultimately not justified?

Being overly optimistic is not always a good thing

In modern psychology, there is a term – optimistic bias. Experts use it to describe people who are not as influenced by negative events as positive events. Especially often, optimistic bias is characteristic of gambling addicts.

It is human by nature to remember the good and forget about the bad. So, you yourself probably know how long solid winnings are remembered. At the same time, all the negativity remains far in the past, losses are forgotten in just a few days. Actually, this is the clearest expression of the bias we are describing.

Note that this works not only with gambling. People who abuse drugs or alcohol rarely position themselves as sick people. Why go for an example – smokers with great experience also do not admit any thought that in the future they may have serious problems with the lungs.

But one has only to touch on this topic, a huge number of examples of elderly musicians who have managed to live to a solid age will fall on you, while abusing everything they can. These most incorrigible optimists live by the principle “this will not happen to me”.

When the desired turns out to be valid

There are people in society who perceive their own wishes and dreams as reality, transferring it to the real world. Note that such an attitude towards their life is relevant for a sufficiently large number of game addicts who confidently drown all kinds of doubts and various unpleasant thoughts about whether they are doing the right thing.

Let’s take a living example. A person with a cool head weighs the expediency of his time in the casino, the pros and cons. However, if you ask a person who is addicted to the game to analyze his leisure time, then in order to continue it, he will focus only on the positive aspects.

What will not be said in its defense – “the device is about to give”, today luck is destined by the stars and yesterday’s win has not even been lost. As a rule, an incredible number of arguments are given – how many specific advantages can be found in this gambling marathon.

This is the best confirmation that it is important to plan a gaming session in advance, effectively managing not only your time, but also your bankroll. If you even managed to clean your pockets for the previously agreed amount even at the beginning of the evening, give up the game and leave here.

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