Stages of casino gambling addiction

Gambling addiction is very insidious, radical changes in the brain occur unnoticed by the player. As a drug addict or alcoholic, not a single gambling addict can admit, even to himself, that he has developed a serious addiction from the game, which is very problematic to cope with on his own.

Before the critical moments arise, the person addicted to the game thinks that his passion for games is nothing more than a hobby and, as a result, the person is introduced into a state of happiness and euphoria. But over time, the effect weakens, the game no longer brings the same pleasure at the old rates.

Refusing to play for a while, a person is faced with an active release of dopamine and an abundance of memories, what pleasure he got from the game, how much he could win. As a result, a person goes on to play in order to get another dose of happiness and satisfy his desires. The situation is gaining a catastrophic turn.

Gambling addiction is similar to a person’s desire for nicotine, drugs or alcohol. All of them are united by only one thing – before receiving a dose, a person believes that it will make him happier. So, it’s all about dopamine.

In anticipation of trouble

It is quite easy to recognize gambling addiction to an outsider. If the player is middle-income, his income level decreases first, since part of the salary or profit goes to the game. When rates increase or after especially large losses, things are taken out of the house, money is borrowed from friends and acquaintances, and loans are taken.

Over time, it turns out that debts have accumulated an exorbitant amount, friends and relatives have refused to communicate. Any interests that are not related to the game cease to be of any importance, the time from bet to bet is reduced. Winnings and losses do not matter anymore – the desire to replay increases. The worst thing is that among those susceptible to such a problem, cases of suicide are very common, since life loses its former colors.

About the reasons

The so-called “energy saving mode” is inherent in the human brain. This is best manifested in those cases when there is a need to do work, which, as practice shows, is absolutely not necessary to do urgently, right now. A familiar picture, when we put off some business until tomorrow or even late, not wanting to waste energy on it?

Thus, games are much more enjoyable than you can get in real life. At this time, the brain perceives gambling as a means that allows this kind of emotion to be received. But if emotions from gambling get much easier, why, in fact, are these joys of everyday life needed? The logical chain of the brain is observed – a minimum of effort is made, the result exceeds expectations.

Note that in gambling, adrenaline and emotions that a person needs are much easier to get. Most often, gambling addicts are people who are bored, faced with a lack of communication, lacking rest, as well as emotional impressions. Until you begin to deal with gambling addiction, you need to determine the reason – why, in fact, the game attracts you more than real life?

Treatment methods

The hormone dopamylin is far from being perceived as an absolute enemy in all cases; it can be easily turned into a loyal ally. Most often, according to psychologists, it is motivated by the image of an ideal life that can be built without playing. The first steps aimed at giving up the game will be the most difficult, but later the pleasure from useful actions will be much greater than the pleasure received from a pernicious hobby.

Often people lack motivation or a goal, therefore, another factor that will help to cope with addiction is the definition of a life mission. What do you want to build, what do you leave behind, who do you want to become in society? The main thing is to clearly define tasks, provisions and start acting. This will make it possible to use dopamine for your own purposes.

About motivation

Motivation is a great thing, but it is impossible without achieving, albeit intermediate results, as well as mandatory reward. The reward should motivate you not to return to your old lifestyle. So, if you managed to hold out for a week without playing – take some time and visit a restaurant with your girlfriend to celebrate the event. So, as you increase your reward, set more challenging goals in incremental steps.

The main thing is to direct the secreted dopamine in the right direction. Accept your own addiction as another person who does what hurts. Tell your virtual ā€œIā€ and your gambling desires that you arethe master here, challenge yourself and act, because you can prevail.

Let’s sum up

The most difficult thing is to admit the existence of addiction, which not everyone succeeds in. What do you replace with a game, what exactly do you lack in real life. As practice shows, a huge amount of emotions can be obtained, including in real life, and they will exceed all expectations. But one cannot do without efforts and certain hardships, therefore, a gambling addict, who has taken it upon himself, has a lot of work ahead of him.